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--- Comment #32 from Ravishankar N <ravishankar at redhat.com> ---
(In reply to Nicola battista from comment #31)
> Hi,
> In which trace should I find this information?
> Because using the grep command I didn't find anything.
> Thanks,
> Regards
> Nicola

Umm, when you opened the bug, you said you were getting "No such file or
directory" for the 'segment' files, so would you not know what are the files in

What I understood from the bug description and comment#3 was you got ENOENT for
a file on the gluster client when accessed programatically despite it being
present in all 3 bricks of the gluster volume. So assuming gluster is the
suspect, I wanted to know which layer in gluster was giving that error. And for
that, I needed to know which file (and its corresponding gfid) is the
problematic one to look further in the logs you provided. 

I did not find the FILE002.cdf (with '008.dir' as parent) or its gfid in all 3
tcp dumps and hence wanted to know which file to look for.

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