[Bugs] [Bug 1751085] Gluster fuse mount crashed during truncate

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Wed Sep 18 15:51:57 UTC 2019


--- Comment #4 from Krutika Dhananjay <kdhananj at redhat.com> ---
The size going negative is when two consecutive truncates on the
__DIRECT_IO_TEST__ file (coming from open with O_TRUNC) happened in the
following sequence:

1. Size of the file at the beginning - 512b
2. First truncate on a given mount truncated the file to size 0. Delta size =
final size - initial size = 0 - 512 = -512.
3. Xattrop is now sent with -512. And file size had been 512. So 512 + (-512) =
0. Final on-disk size at the end of this truncate is 0.
But shard translator in the truncate fop callback continues to cache 512 as the
file size.
4. Then a second truncate (again to size 0) is sent, without a lookup or stat
preceding it. So the size in cache is believed to be true.
Delta size = final size - initial size = 0 - 512 = -512. (here initial size
should have been 0 but it is wrongly assumed to be 512).
So an xattrop is sent with -512. So 0 - 512 = 0xfffffffffffffe00

And this is what we see in the getfattr output of the file:

[root at rhsqa-grafton8 ~]# getfattr -d -m . -e hex
getfattr: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names
# file: gluster_bricks/data/data/__DIRECT_IO_TEST__

More evidence in wireshark output. Will paste it here tomorrow for the sake of
completeness (my laptop's freezing at some point when i try to load the pcap
file which is huge in wireshark)


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