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--- Comment #27 from Ravishankar N <ravishankar at redhat.com> ---
1.`mount -t glusterfs -o dump-fuse=/tmp/fuse_dump.dat ip-adress:volume_name
2.`tcpdump -i <dev> -s 256 -B 32768 -w <pcap file> <filter> `
3.`gluster volume set $volname client-log-level TRACE`
  `gluster volume set $volname brick-log-level TRACE`
4. For all three bricks of the volume: `strace -ff -T -p <process-id-of-brick
process> -o <path-where-you-want-strace-output-saved>`

> Another question- are you getting the ENOENT for the same file FILE002.cdf
> (with the same trusted.gfid) on dbroot2? Or is a different file,  or the
> same file name deleted and created again as a part of the application I/O?

What is the answer for this?

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