[Bugs] [Bug 1739884] glusterfsd process crashes with SIGSEGV

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Mon Sep 16 03:18:15 UTC 2019


--- Comment #28 from David Sainty <david.sainty at westpac.co.nz> ---
(In reply to Mohit Agrawal from comment #27)
> Hi,
>  Can you please share the dump of /var/log/glusterfs directory from the node
> on that 
>  glusterfsd is crashed?

I'll try first sharing snippets, just so I can eyeball them for details that
shouldn't be made public.  This is the brick crash, showing some error messages
indicating that the service is receiving security probe-related garbage.

[2019-09-11 02:39:52.615174] E [socket.c:2252:__socket_read_frag] 0-rpc: wrong
MSG-TYPE (1929576541) received from
[2019-09-11 02:39:52.618865] E [socket.c:2252:__socket_read_frag] 0-rpc: wrong
MSG-TYPE (1996685661) received from
[2019-09-11 02:39:52.623556] E [socket.c:2252:__socket_read_frag] 0-rpc: wrong
MSG-TYPE (8192) received from
[2019-09-11 02:39:52.627840] E [socket.c:2252:__socket_read_frag] 0-rpc: wrong
MSG-TYPE (8192) received from
pending frames:
patchset: git://git.gluster.org/glusterfs.git
signal received: 11
time of crash: 
2019-09-11 02:39:52
configuration details:
argp 1
backtrace 1
dlfcn 1
libpthread 1
llistxattr 1
setfsid 1
spinlock 1
epoll.h 1
xattr.h 1
st_atim.tv_nsec 1
package-string: glusterfs 6.4

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