[Bugs] [Bug 1739320] The result (hostname) of getnameinfo for all bricks (ipv6 addresses) are the same, while they are not.

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Mon Sep 2 05:01:29 UTC 2019


--- Comment #24 from Mohit Agrawal <moagrawa at redhat.com> ---
Hi Amgad,

 There is an issue in the function glusterd_check_brick_order in case of
parsing ipv6 host address. 
 As we can see below code is checking single ":" to fetch host address in case
of ipv4 it is fine but
 in case of ipv6 multiple ":" are present so it does not work.  

  brick = strtok_r(brick, ":", &tmpptr);
  if (brick == NULL)
       goto check_failed;
  ret = getaddrinfo(brick, NULL, NULL, &ai_info)
  if (ret != 0) {
      ret = 0;
      gf_msg(this->name, GF_LOG_ERROR, 0, GD_MSG_HOSTNAME_RESOLVE_FAIL,
              "unable to resolve " "host name");
      goto out;


 I will send a separate patch to resolve the same. 
 Let me know if you can test my patch in your environment.

Mohit Agrawal

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