[Bugs] [Bug 1716979] Multiple disconnect events being propagated for the same child

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Sun Sep 1 17:52:32 UTC 2019


--- Comment #16 from Amgad <amgad.saleh at nokia.com> ---
Hi Hari:

>The bug was root caused to be found on master and other branches.
>So the fixes have to sent to those branches as well.

Based on your comment above, I understood that the fix is not in any official
release out (5.5-1, 6.3-1, 6.5-1 for instances), and has to be built whether
from master or 6.x, 5.x. branches source code, please confirm!!!!!

In another way, I have to build it from 6.x and it will be code on top of the
already released 6.5-1 now

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