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--- Comment #15 from Danny Lee <danny.lee at appian.com> ---
I tried running the smallfiles test on various types of EC2 servers (m4.large,
m4.xlarge & m4.2xlarge).  The total amount of memory on these servers is 8GB,
16GB, and 32GB, respectively.  The amount of memory used after writing and
reading 1 million files was ~1GB, ~2GB, ~3GB, respectively.

Then, I checked the statedump files for the m4.large and m4.2xlarge.  There was
one noticeably large difference.  Under "xlator.mount.fuse.priv", the "iobuf"
for the m4.large was approximately half of the m4.xlarge, which was taking
about 2 times more memory for the fuse mount.

I'm guessing there is some correlation with the amount of memory used and the
total amount of memory on the box.  Does anyone know if there is a way to place
a limit on this "iobuf"?

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