[Bugs] [Bug 1540249] Gluster is trying to use a port outside documentation and firewalld' s glusterfs.xml

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Mon Feb 12 20:41:14 UTC 2018


--- Comment #27 from devianca at gmail.com ---
Im not using network.service. Im using systemd-networkd.service...

You can see from previous outputs that (active):

[root at BUNKER ~]# firewall-cmd --info-zone=gluster --permanent
gluster (active)
[root at ProdigyX ~]# firewall-cmd --info-zone=gluster --permanent
gluster (active)

More output:
[root at ProdigyX ~]# firewall-cmd --get-active-zones
  interfaces: bond1

[root at BUNKER ~]# firewall-cmd --get-active-zones
  interfaces: bond0
  interfaces: enp1s0

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