[Bugs] [Bug 1300875] Client self-heals block the FOP that triggered the heals

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Mon Feb 1 23:58:25 UTC 2016


--- Comment #8 from Michael Napolis <mnapolis at redhat.com> ---
Thanks for that update Ravishankar

Hope all goes well with merging it upstream and having it release to 3.1.3.
We'll continue to work with the strategic customer to set the expectations
accordingly.  We'll let you know if things change and we'll need urgent help.

For the time being, I finally got some additional feedback again from the
customer with regards to the workaround of disabling client self heal.  *Part
of the customer's update*


"The progress was slow for 3 days and we almost gave up with a view to just 
formatting the bricks and reloading the objects. On the 4th day after disabling
the client heal the heal completed the remaining 7+ million files in a little
over 24 hrs. Once it got going it really moved through the remaining heals. It
is also worth pointing out that to keep track of the heals a had to count the
links in the .glusterfs/indices/xattrop dir as "gluster vol heal volname info"
would not return. 

In short, we have a lot more confidence now that turning off the client heal
will allow us to continue to operate and complete a large heal in a reasonable
timeframe. The progress of the heal seems to be slow for a while then appears
to rapidly accelerate at a certain point."


Customer atm accepted the workaround.


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