[Bugs] [Bug 1274485] Unable to mount volume after conversion from distributed to replicated.

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Tue Oct 27 05:25:53 UTC 2015


--- Comment #7 from Atin Mukherjee <amukherj at redhat.com> ---
(In reply to Richard from comment #6)
> ok, small update... this all used to work, but after a migration from EL6 to
> EL7 it doesn't work anymore :-(
> Why disable this feature and not document the fact it is now broken? I can't
> remember seeing anywhere that you can't mount half a replicated volume?
This is a special case where both the servers were down and only one of them
came back. As I mentioned earlier at this point of time, the online server's
glusterD has no knowledge about whether its current state is up to date or
stale. Correctness is a key point in any distributed system and considering
that we can't trust on this information until and unless it receives
notification from any of its other peers about the current state of the
configuration. This is a limitation of the current design of existing
GlusterD1.0. Fortunately in GlusterD2.0, we should be able to get rid of this
problem. I understand this is bit annoying but i.e. why we never recommend a 2
node setup to deal this case. As a conclusion, we won't be able to solve this
problem till GlusterD2.0 lands. If this satisfies you can you close this bug? 

> doesn't make sense to me to put in such a pointless limtation.
> This means I can't perform ANY maintenance on a replicated volume without
> fear of the remaining brick in service going offline and stopping me from
> restarting my volume.
> I understand the 3 brick witness thing, but you should have made tha
> toptional... after all, isn't that what the arbiter option is for?

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