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--- Comment #5 from Atin Mukherjee <amukherj at redhat.com> ---
(In reply to ryanlee from comment #4)
> I've generated the statedump files and cut out 6336 sections named
> xlator.features.locks.backup-locks.inode from backup.dump.  I'm hoping the
> contents of the inode context and the specific names of clients aren't
> necessary bits of info and have removed them from the dump files.
> The cmd_history.log is pretty empty.  The memory starts leaking immediately
> on start/restart.  We're currently mitigating by restarting the process once
> a week, the growth rate is quite steady without having done anything else. 
> cmd_history does contain successes for updating volume settings
> (specifically, SSL allows) that our internal management system runs every
> half hour.  We could probably stand to modify it to issue changes only if
> the values differ, but that doesn't look to me to be the source of the issue.

You would need to take a statedump for glusterd process, not the clients. The
attachment indicates the statedump is for clients. Would be able to provide

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