[Bugs] [Bug 1234877] Samba crashes with 3.7.4 and VFS module

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Sun Oct 4 18:28:21 UTC 2015


--- Comment #14 from Denis Lambolez <denis.lambolez at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Anoop C S from comment #7)
> Can you explain the GlusterFS(volume configuration), Samba-CTDB setup and
> procedure followed which resulted in dumping core by smbd?

Sorry, I was out for while, on business trips.
Here are the requested information. I've one glusterFS volume (replicate) that
I use to store samba shares. I use Samba-CTDB to balance access load between
the two servers. The shares are published by Samba through André's VFS object.
smb.conf is shared between the two servers (the glusterFS volume is also
mounted on the two servers). 
There is no specific action to crash samba. As soon as you start samba, it
starts to crash and restart.  
This configuration was running perfectly well with the 3.6. 

GlusterFS volume configuration:
matou at catsserver-1:~$ sudo gluster vol info smbshare

Volume Name: smbshare
Type: Replicate
Volume ID: 40bfc10d-6f7a-45cf-81ba-0e4d531da890
Status: Started
Number of Bricks: 1 x 2 = 2
Transport-type: tcp
Brick1: catsserver-node1:/srv/gluster/bricks/smbshare
Brick2: catsserver-node2:/srv/gluster/bricks/smbshare
Options Reconfigured:
nfs.disable: on
server.allow-insecure: on

CTDB status:
matou at catsserver-1:~$ sudo ctdb status
Number of nodes:2
pnn:0     OK (THIS NODE)
pnn:1     OK
hash:0 lmaster:0
hash:1 lmaster:1
Recovery mode:NORMAL (0)
Recovery master:0

Shares configuration (same configuration for each share):
path = /share
wide links = no
writeable = yes
kernel share modes = no
vfs objects = glusterfs
glusterfs:volfile_server = localhost
glusterfs:volume = smbshare
glusterfs:logfile = /var/log/samba/glusterfs-share.log
glusterfs:loglevel = 7

CTDB & Samba & Gluster paquets:
ctdb/vivid,now 2.5.4+debian0-4 amd64  [installé]
ctdb-dbg/vivid 2.5.4+debian0-4 amd64
ctdb-pcp-pmda/vivid 2.5.4+debian0-4 amd64
samba/vivid,now 2:4.1.13+dfsg-4ubuntu3glusterfs3.7.4vivid1 amd64  [installé]
samba-common/vivid,now 2:4.1.13+dfsg-4ubuntu3glusterfs3.7.4vivid1 all 
samba-common-bin/vivid,now 2:4.1.13+dfsg-4ubuntu3glusterfs3.7.4vivid1 amd64 
samba-dbg/vivid,now 2:4.1.13+dfsg-4ubuntu3glusterfs3.7.4vivid1 amd64 
samba-dev/vivid 2:4.1.13+dfsg-4ubuntu3glusterfs3.7.4vivid1 amd64
samba-doc/vivid,now 2:4.1.13+dfsg-4ubuntu3glusterfs3.7.4vivid1 all  [installé]
samba-dsdb-modules/vivid,now 2:4.1.13+dfsg-4ubuntu3glusterfs3.7.4vivid1 amd64 
samba-libs/vivid,now 2:4.1.13+dfsg-4ubuntu3glusterfs3.7.4vivid1 amd64 
samba-testsuite/vivid 2:4.1.13+dfsg-4ubuntu3glusterfs3.7.4vivid1 amd64
samba-vfs-modules/vivid,now 2:4.1.13+dfsg-4ubuntu3glusterfs3.7.4vivid1 amd64 
smbclient/vivid,now 2:4.1.13+dfsg-4ubuntu3glusterfs3.7.4vivid1 amd64 
glusterfs-client/vivid,now 3.7.4-ubuntu1~vivid1 amd64  [installé, automatique]
glusterfs-common/vivid,now 3.7.4-ubuntu1~vivid1 amd64  [installé, automatique]
glusterfs-dbg/vivid 3.7.4-ubuntu1~vivid1 amd64
glusterfs-server/vivid,now 3.7.4-ubuntu1~vivid1 amd64  [installé]

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