[Bugs] [Bug 1191176] Since 3.6.2: failed to get the 'volume file' from server

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Wed Jul 29 18:42:33 UTC 2015


--- Comment #12 from André Bauer <monotek23 at gmail.com> ---
Imho this also affects 3.7.3. Could not find anything in the postinst script of
the deb packages which is about volume rename.

The postinst script of deb packages should get something like:

for VOLUME in $(find ${VOL_DIR} -iname *-fuse.vol); do
    cp ${VOLUME} ${VOLUME}.dpkg-pre3.6.2
    mv ${VOLUME} $(echo ${VOLUME} | sed -e 's/-fuse.vol/.tcp-fuse.vol/g')

This is untested, cause im still on 3.5.
Don't know if gluster restart or something else is needed.

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