[Bugs] [Bug 1058526] tar keeps reporting "file changed as we read it" on random files

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Thu Jul 16 02:23:26 UTC 2015


--- Comment #16 from Mark O'Keefe <mark_okeefe at mac.com> ---
Having looked at the code in src/create.c that generates this error I'm
wondering if the test that is being done is the correct test.  It is testing
for ctime changing (which is permissions based).  I would have expected it to
be testing for mtime (modification).

By changing this code to compare mtime instead of ctime my problem goes away. 
It would now generate a warning if the file was modified rather than the
permissions changed.  I'm not clear on whether this is what is intended by this
warning or not.  Personally I'm not particularly worried about permissions
changes while executing a tar, but I would be worried about a file actually

Hopefully I haven't completely misunderstood this issue and the intended

Interested in feedback on whether this is the intended behaviour or not.  And
if not, what is it that we are looking for and why?

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