[Bugs] [Bug 1155181] Lots of compilation warnings on OSX. We should probably fix them.

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Mon Oct 27 19:21:40 UTC 2014


--- Comment #4 from Dennis Schafroth <dennis at schafroth.com> ---
Only disable warning where it is a problem. 

I do agree, that "just" hiding warnings is not the right way, but I would
rather hide the "innocent" ones to be sure that we spot the bad ones (like the
one you points out). 

Yes modulizing/wrap ucontext and SSL stuff would mean we only see the warning
one time instead of on every usage, would prob. be a cleaner solution. It would
cost an extra function call.

The MD5 should be very easy to replace with the CC_MD5 from CommonCrypt, but I
have not spotted replacements for the SSL methods.

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