Announcing: Data Liberate, a Storage Hackathon and Mixer

John Mark Walker jowalker at
Mon Mar 24 15:55:33 UTC 2014


Red Hat Storage is sponsoring Data Liberate: a Storage Hackathon and Mixer in San Francisco on Sunday, April 13. Would be great to get general participation from people in the area, as well as some hacking on big data, cloud and virtualization management integration. 


If you're interested sponsoring, contact me off-list.


Hack all day, stay for the prizes and party!

Modern cloud workloads demand storage services that are easily consumable and available to a variety of platforms. We need to liberate our data from the shackles of the big, dumb (proprietary) storage box and move it into the 21st century. So come one, come all storage, cloud and big data developers and devops practitioners. The Data Liberate Hackathon will be a chance for developers in disparate worlds to link their applications, infrastructure and other code with storage services.

And did I mention fabulous prizes? And drinks?

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