[Advisors] Updates and Next Steps

David Nalley David.Nalley at citrix.com
Thu May 16 18:20:52 UTC 2013

Having gone through the process at attempting to form some manner of foundation twice with Fedora, I have to agree - I don't think the idea of spinning off to a separate foundation has legs, and speaking frankly. With groups like the ASF, TLF, Eclipse, SPI, Outercurve, etc. I have to wonder at the wisdom of even trying, running the org becomes a distraction to actually getting things done in the project(s). Yes, no existing group will be perfect (and neither will anything you create), but pick one that has a governance that you can live with if you really need to be independent. 

From: Jim Jagielski [jimjag at redhat.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2013 9:58 AM
To: John Mark Walker
Cc: David Nalley; advisors; Jim Jagielski
Subject: Re: [Advisors] Updates and Next Steps

Just a FYI: Creating a new foundation from scratch is *incredibly*
difficult, esp if the desire is a 501(c)3. A 501(c)6 is easier,
but by being a "trade-group", the focus is, of course, on
the corporate members, and hardly at ALL the individual member
and/or contributor.

So my 2c is expecting to spin-this out to its *own* foundation
is likely wishful thinking...

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