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John Mark Walker johnmark at gluster.org
Thu May 16 16:33:34 UTC 2013

Hi there,

I'm going to keep the advisors@ list going, because I can think of many cases where we will need a sounding board for community things. 

A few of you expressed interest in joining the Community Board, and I included you in the email that I just sent below. If you did *not* receive the email below and wish to be included in the new board, please let me know ASAP. 

However, please note that in the new board, we cannot have multiple representatives from the same company, although we're making an exception for AB. Also note that on the new board, you will be delegated with tasks and expected to contribute to the greater community in some material way. Or you can just stay on the advisors list and not have any of that responsibility :)


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Note: things discussed in this email are confidential. Please respect our desire to release this information on schedule, which I'll provide in detail below.


I wanted to reach out to each of you as the charter members of the Gluster Community Board. We currently have 7 organizations who have signed the letter of intent to join the Gluster Commumnity:

- Intel
- Red Hat
- Open Source Lab at Oregon State
- Linux Foundation
- DataLab
- HortonWorks
- Harvard University

There's also one more company that should sign this week, but I wanted to get started and open up the conversation.

In addition to the companies mentioned above, there will also be 3 - 5 individuals representing the greater community's interests. Note that the number of board members has no hard limit, and we can vote on future additions.

When I started putting together the governance model and business plan a few months ago, I never dreamed that we would pull together such an amazing group of technology leaders. We are going to surprise a whole lot of people when we announce.

Speaking of announcing, here's the schedule:

- 5/29 - General press release announcing new community charter members and new board. Expect an email this week from our press people for quotes from each of you. 

- 6/11 - first board meeting - at Red Hat Summit in Boston. This is where we will discuss board officer selection, a marketing fund and committee, voting criteria, and some other things that will be on the agenda. For this first iteration, expect to meet for 2 hours. For those who can't make it to Boston, we'll set up a conference call.

- 7/23 - OSCON party - would love to make this the coming-out party for the Gluster Community

Other discussion points:

- Partner workshops - we have a tentative schedule in place for the rest of the year. Would be good to get input on who can host and participate.

- Gluster software distribution - Because we now have more than one project, we will have a distribution consisting of multiple pieces. One of the things the board will determine is how and when a project graduates to be in the official GSD releases. This may require a technical steering committee, which is something we can determine at the inaugural board meeting

- As a side note, we are also having a workshop + hackfest in Boston on June 14. If you're interested in participating, please let me know.

It's taken a lot of work to get here, but it's been very exciting. I look forward to working with all of you. I will set up a mailing list for board at gluster.org, but I wanted each of you to know who else is participating. Look for a mailing list invite soon, and then we can kick off board member introductions.

John Mark Walker
Gluster Community Lead

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