[Advisors] Heads up - Board announcement coming

John Mark Walker johnmark at redhat.com
Mon Jan 23 13:03:37 PST 2012

Greetings, illustrious board members. Below is a draft version of the advisory board description. We can dissect, cut up, crap on, rehash, and then vote on any changes at our first meeting, which I'll send out invites for shortly.

Attached to this message is the draft press release, which we plan to send out tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on how quickly we get approval from legal. 

I wanted to give you some warning that this was coming, so you're not caught unawares. 

We're also hosting a dweebinar on Thursday about gluster.org and project direction: http://www.redhat.com/webinars/?zPage=2012-01-26-The-future-of-gluster-dot-org-a-roadmap 

In any case, feel free to introduce yourselves to the rest of the list. Some of you already know each other, but many of you don't, so this is a good opportunity to be friendly and say hello :)

(the following will be posted to gluster.org/advisors/ later today)

Gluster.org Advisory Board Members:

Richard Wareing, Storage Engineer, Facebook
Jeff Darcy, Filesystem Engineer, Red Hat; Founder, HekaFS Project
AB Periasamy, Co-Founder, Gluster
Ewan Mellor, Xen Engineer, Citrix; Core contributor, OpenStack project
David Nalley, CloudStack Community Manager, Citrix; Member, Fedora Advisory Board
Louis Zuckerman, Sr. System Administrator, Picture Marketing
Joe Julian, Sr. System Administrator, Ed Wyse Beauty Products
Greg DeKoenigsberg, Community VP, Eucalyptus; co-founder, Fedora project
John Mark Walker, Gluster.org Community Guy (Chair)

Advisory Board Roles

The board’s role is to coordinate and help ensure smooth running of the Gluster.org project. Specifically, this includes the following:

Define charter & goals for Gluster.org ecosystem
Create feedback mechanisms for features and roadmap development
Provide support for new projects built on GlusterFS
Coordinate consolidated release schedules
Develop and build the Gluster.org ecosystem
Set license policies and deal with licensing questions and issues
Serve as the face of gluster.org and build awareness of the Gluster ecosystem
The board is composed of individuals, not their employers. However, there may be no more than 3 individuals from the same employer.

The board specifically does not get involved in the day-to-day management of projects or technical implementation. It may however help facilitate communication between community members to resolve release schedule or integration issues.

The board is currently limited to 9 members, elected to indefinite terms. Board members may serve until such time as they are no longer involved with project or they elect to step down. If additional board members are desired, the number of seats may be increased by majority vote of the board.

The basic criteria for a board member is someone who is:

Recognised in their community of influence
Puts the ‘right’ decision for the project above personal agenda
Additional board seats can be voted on at any time based on merit. It is expected that once someone demonstrated the attributes to be a board member consistently for a period of time the board may take up the consideration of that individual for board membership.

The initial board has been composed in the following way:

Long-time contributors to the Gluster project.
Domain leaders from related projects
The board chairman post is reserved for the Gluster.org community leader, as determined by Red Hat.


Items that come up for vote will carry with a majority, with the chairman’s vote only counting if there's a deadlock. Most voting will take place at quarterly board meetings (see below), but votes can be called at any time for pressing issues. All voting requires 5 yes votes for approval.

Examples of items that will come up for vote include changes to the board membership, approval or modifications of the board charter, approval of new initiatives for gluster.org, approval of release schedules and roadmaps, etc.


The Gluster.org advisory board will meet once each quarter. At least one meeting will be in-person, with the rest being on IRC or conference call.

An agenda will be circulated prior to each board meeting, with new items added per request.

We're planning to send out the pres

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