[Gluster-users] File Corruption when adding bricks to live replica volumes

Krutika Dhananjay kdhananj at redhat.com
Fri Jan 22 12:33:18 UTC 2016

There is no doc to my knowledge. I will write one, now that you pointed it out. ;) 

Client-side heals are heals that happen from the GlusterFS client, as part of LOOKUP, sometimes even READ, [F]STAT, etc. 
You can tell when a client did a heal if a corresponding log message appears in that client's log file (usually the ones with MSGID: 108026, although name heals aren't logged). 
They are enabled by default. 
To disable entry heal from clients for instance, you do #gluster volume set <VOL> cluster.entry-self-heal off 
To disable data self-heal from clients, you do #gluster volume set <VOL> cluster.data-self-heal off 

If you want to prevent the client from doing self-heal altogether, you disable all three forms of client healing: data-self-heal, entry-self-heal and metadata-self-heal. 

Server side heals are heals that are performed by the self-heal daemon. You will see log messages with MSGID: 108026 in glustershd.log when the self-heal-daemon performs a heal. 
Server side heals happen in the following cases: 
1) when you execute #gluster volume heal <VOL> full 
2) when you execute #gluster volume heal <VOL> 
3) when a brick that was previously down comes back up. 

To disable server side heal, you need to disable the self-heal-daemon. You can do that with #gluster volume set <VOL> cluster.self-heal-daemon off 

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> Will do. Wasn't aware there were different types of healing - is there
> client and server side heals? are there any docs on this?

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