[Gluster-devel] Release 3.10 feature proposal : Volume expansion on tiered volumes.

Hari Gowtham hgowtham at redhat.com
Thu Dec 8 06:23:09 UTC 2016


To support add/remove brick on tiered volumes we are planing to separate 
the tier into a separate process in the service framework and add the 
add/remove brick support. Later the users will be able to spawn rebalance 
on tiered volumes (which is not possible). 

The following are the steps planed to be performed:

*) tier as a service (final stages of code review)
*) we are separating the attach tier from add brick and detach from 
   remove brick.
*) infra to support add/remove brick.
*) rebalance process on a tiered volume. 
*) a few patches to take care of the issues that will be arising 
   eg: while adding a brick on a tiered volume, the tier process has to 
   be stopped as the graph switch occurs. and other issues like this.

The whole volume expansion will be in an experimental state. while the 
separation of tier into a separate service framework and attach/detach 
tier separation from add/remove brick should be back to stable state before 
the release of 3.10

[1] https://github.com/gluster/glusterfs/issues/54


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