[Gluster-users] add-brick command with replica parameter fails

Amar Tumballi amar at gluster.com
Wed Mar 16 05:48:56 UTC 2011

Hi James,

Answers inline.

According to the GlusterFS documentation, adding bricks allows a "replica N"
> argument in the command line, as show by this phrase from the manual:
>    Brick Commands
>        volume add-brick VOLNAME [(replica COUNT)|(stripe COUNT)] NEW-BRICK
> ...
We have asked this documentation to be removed, even in man-pages this will
be removed. Please don't use replica or stripe count with 'add-brick' and

> Anybody able to help me out here? Just to forestall the question "have you
> tried adding the storage without the replica 2 parameters?" - yes, I have,
> and that gives me a set of servers in which taking down any one node causes
> all clients to hang until that node comes back up - I posted an earlier
> thread asking for help with that here:
> http://gluster.org/pipermail/gluster-users/2011-March/006886.html
> About mount point hanging till all the nodes come up, we have fixed similar
bug in 3.1.3 release, please give it a try and see if it works fine.


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