[Gluster-users] Seeking Feedback on Gluster Development Priorities/Roadmap

paul simpson paul at realisestudio.com
Wed Mar 9 11:02:03 UTC 2011

hi ben,

it's good to be consulted!  my take on priorities would be:
0/ as per stephens email - basic syncing tools.  right now, i'm unsure (see
1) how often to do a "find sync" to "heal" the fs.  the baseline fs needs to
be more robust.  it feels very delicate and i often find myself needing to
restart a client/glusterd.
1/ documentation.  gluster looks great - but there's a lack of good solid
docs.  and lots of old legacy / conflicting documentation out there too.
 this is a barrier for new users (ie, me) to try it out.
2/ improved UI. by this, do you mean reporting/migration tools?  if so, yes.
3/ gNFS NLM locking

i'd concentrate on getting whats already there working better & faster than
adding new features.

looking forward to irc conference.



Following that, our internal priorities are:
> -Continuous Data Replication (over WAN)
> -Improved User Interface
> -CIFS/Active Directory Support
> -Object storage  (unified file and object)
> -Geo-replication to Amazon S3 (unify public and private cloud)
> -Continuous Data Protection
> -REST management API's
> -Enhanced support for ISCSi SANs
> Are these the right priorities? How would you prioritize?

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