[Gluster-users] Seeking Feedback on Gluster Development Priorities/Roadmap

Ben Golub ben at gluster.com
Tue Mar 8 04:01:31 UTC 2011


Gluster is looking for feedback on its roadmap and priorities for 2011.

In Q1, we have placed a heavy emphasis on packaging Gluster as a virtual
appliance, and have released a Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for
VMWare, a Gluster Amazon Machine Image, and a Gluster Rightscale template.

Our next point release will include a set of management and monitoring

Following that, our internal priorities are:

-Continuous Data Replication (over WAN)

-Improved User Interface

-CIFS/Active Directory Support

-Object storage  (unified file and object)

-Geo-replication to Amazon S3 (unify public and private cloud)

-Continuous Data Protection

-REST management API's

-Enhanced support for ISCSi SANs

Are these the right priorities? How would you prioritize?

(We will be scheduling an IRC conference later this month).

-Ben Golub (Gluster CEO), Anand Babu (Gluster founder & CTO), and Hitesh
Chellani (Gluster Founder & VP)


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