[Gluster-users] Replace brick of a dead node

Harshavardhana harsha at gluster.com
Fri Aug 12 23:03:34 UTC 2011

> Since I have replication 'ON', there is no downtime as the brick on the second node serves well, but I want the redundancy/replication to be restored with the introduction of a new node (#3) in the cluster.

Exactly if its in Cloud then the disk be it EBS blocks which can be
reattached back to the new server and you can do a replace-brick even
when the old-brick is dead/unreachable.

If there are no EBS blocks, then sure there should be a mechanism to
reattach the brick associated with that instance.

> I would hope there is a gluster command to just forget about the dead node's brick, and pick up the new brick and start replicating/serving from the new

Gluster cannot decide as it has no awareness that it is in Cloud or a
Bare metal or a KVM setup.  So right now the above procedure stands


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