[Gluster-devel] A tool to check the integrity of the .glusterfs dir on a brick?

Niels de Vos ndevos at redhat.com
Mon May 26 10:23:58 UTC 2014


Pranith and Xavi were discussing a bug that caused a directory symlink 
under <brick>/.glusterfs/<1st-part-gfid>/<2nd-part-gfid>/<full-gfid> to 
be missing. For bugs like this, it might be useful to have a tool that 
checks the integrity of the .glusterfs directory structure on a brick.

Some simple things that it could check:
- a brick has a .glusterfs directory
- the root of the brick has a 000...001 GFID
- a .glusterfs/<1st-part-gfid>/<2nd-part-gfid>/<full-gfid> should either 
  be a symlink (for a directory) or a hardlink (link-count >= 2)
- the trusted.gfid xattr should match the <full-gfid>
- any file not under .glusterfs should have a trusted.gfid and that GFID 
  is available under the .glusterfs directory

By default, such a tool should only report issues, and not fix them. Not 
all issues might be fixable by checking one brick anyway.

Is anyone aware of such a tool? Should we provide this?


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